Designer & Developer


Being both a designer and frontend developer, my focus is the user's view and the clients goals. Having broad knowledge of design theory and web technologies, I help companies and entrepreneurs by designing and building user-friendly experiences. Whether to promote a product or service, a personal website or that a large corporate company: In everything I create, I always look for that jaw-dropping effect.

Side projects

Besides client work I design and build website templates for those who have basic knowledge of frontend development (html, css and javascript) and don't have the budget for a fully tailored website. I help this group of people by creating generic, stylish templates according to my own standards. Since 2012 I have made more than 1,700 customers happy with this service. And still counting!

Kaj Heijmans - Designer and Developer

Me as a person

I'm a proud dad as you can see, a sketch artist, tennis player, runner, coffee snob, nerd, (a communicative) introvert, I love music, I love to travel & I love my job!

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